mae govannen, mellyn

Hey hey! Welcome to Fleurs du Mal, a shrining community. The goal of this site is to encourage shrine-creating, creativity flowing and promoting existing shrines through many events and contests.

Now! What is a "shrine"? Basically, it's a websited dedicated to certain aspect - be the book, character or film (usually, the most common are character shrines).
Shrine authors very often go very in-depth, explaining subject from head to toes. Shrines are mini fansites, but very detailed with vast informations.

I encourage you to look through the site and join our little growing community! It has no costs, besides the passion for creating :)

Last update: 23rd October 2022

The website - Fleurs du Mal - is ran and maintained by Mal. Site's creation date: 17th January 2022.

Number of shrines: 17



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